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The Surprising Health Benefits of Owning a Pet Dog

February 24, 2017

The Surprising Health Benefits of Owning a Pet Dog

They say that a dog is man’s best friend and the two certainly seem to share a long and illustrious history of co-evolution but did you know there are a number of health benefits that come from owning a pet dog? Research suggests that the strong connection between man and dog comes from the mutual release of oxytocin upon interaction. This hormone is responsible for fostering strong feelings of love in the brain and is usually associated with the bonding process between newborn babies and their mothers. But what else does this mean for mental and physical wellbeing?


Having a dog around from an early age means your immunity will get a boost. Over-sanitizing our homes is actually making us less resistant to germs and in turn we get sicker, quicker. A dog – notorious for carrying germs – can help build your immunity. They can also enhance your resilience to allergies.

Better Mental Health
Studies show that dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than those without a pet. This is partly down to the release of oxytocin and serotonin (another feel-good brain chemical) that comes from interaction and coevolution with the dog. However, the routine associated with a dog such as caring for them and taking them for walks is thought to improve a depressive episode even for those who suffer from clinical depression. Animal therapy is often used in rehabilitation programs because the presence of a dog is so calming and the act of bonding and caring for them is known to improve self-esteem.

Heart Health
Dog owners have also been proven to have lower stress levels (and consequently lower blood pressure) than those without a dog. This is great for cardiovascular health. In addition to this, dog owners are more likely to undertake regular exercise which is also good for keeping cholesterol down and reducing the risk of obesity – this is great for heart health and indeed general health.

Dogs Can Detect Cancer
There have been numerous case studies over the past two decades that seem to imply that dogs can sniff out cancer. These often involve incidents where dog owners have reported their animals continually sniffing at a lump, mole or part of the body that has later been proven to be cancerous. It is unclear whether or not the dog’s sensitive sense of smell is able to detect cancer cells in bodily fluids but, regardless, this could be one animal that may save your life one day.

– Jenny Holt, Freelance Writer

Meet Storm Shadow

July 4, 2016

This dog can fly! Meet our All-Star Stunt Dog “Storm Shadow”. She is a 3-year old mutt that is mixed between Australian Kelpie and Cattle Dog. She is nuts for her favorite Aerobie brand flying discs (aka Frisbees) Weighing in at only about 25 lbs she can certainly soar! 

Dogs: The Animal that has been coined in history as our best friend

June 17, 2015

Chris Perondi’s “Stunt Dog Adventure”TM is the most educational and entertaining show of it’s kind! Featuring talented rescued dogs that show off their prey drive, intelligence, and athleticism. Every show includes a message of pet adoption and responsible pet ownership, while using positive training methods.

Every show script is professionally written and includes educational talking points about the similarities of domestic dogs and their wild cousins: foxes, jackals, wolves, and coyotes. The “Stunt Dog Adventure”TM show is also very entertaining with segments like the “Prey Drive Challenge”, high-jumping, flying disc, and audience participation. You won’t want to miss these domesticated canine stars in the world’s most exciting Zoo and wildlife park program.

The footage from this video was taken during our March through October Indianapolis Zoo production of 2015. It showcases the talents of the animal that has been coined in history as our best friend! Starring professional dog trainers Chris Perondi, Suhey Perondi, and Abby Cline.

Professionally filmed and edited by XYVector Media Services

World’s Greatest Dogs on NatGeo Wild

May 17, 2015

Stunt Dog Productions is honored to have their stunt dogs featured on NatGeo Wild’s “World’s Greatest Dogs” this weekend! (Check your local listing for exact air times). So it’s now official, our dogs are considered some of the world’s greatest dogs!

Stunt Dog Crazy Confetti was chosen for her unique talents and touching back story. She has been a feature star in the Perondi’s show since 2010. Confetti is known best for her 360 degree “paw-stand” in the palm of trainer Chris Perondi’s hand. However, she can dazzle the crowd with impressive back-flips, jumping rope, hoops through the arms, flying disc catching stunts, skateboarding, triathlon racing, balancing feats and backing up on cue.

As featured during Barkfest on NatGeo Wild

Flashy Ferrari, Blazing Bentley, Crazy Confetti, & Captain Cooper

The filming took place during the winter months when the Perondi’s were not on tour. So for this feature they invited all their friends and family over for a private show to try out some of Confetti’s new stunts and tricks. Many family members showed up including Chris’s parents and cousins, Suhey’s sister, along with their pastor, neighbors, and close friends. It was a memorable day for everyone. The Perondi’s had the pleasure of working with Indigo Films on this feature project. The interviews were conducted inside the Perondi’s house, outside on the property, and even inside their 43 ft. touring RV/bus.

During the same week, the USA TODAY has also dedicated a special edition issue that all about dogs. The Perondi’s are proud to have a feature spread in this issue with multiple images of Crazy Confetti in action. Pick your copy up at your local newsstand from now until May 26th or purchase your copy online here: USA TODAY’S SPECIAL “DOGS” EDITION.

Have a flippin’ great day!

March 3, 2015
Have a flippin' great day!

Be yourself, think positive, and dare to run with the big dogs. – Chris Perondi

Superbowl commercial featuring dogs playing football against cats

January 30, 2015

Every week over 80,000 dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters across the United States. That is approximately 4 to 5 million healthy, loving, and adoptable animals that are put down every year.

The Lucy Pet Foundation has teamed up with Stargate Studios (best known for CGI special effects for Star Trek and the Walking Dead) to bring forth a commercial that features dogs playing football against cats. All the animals used in the commercial were once shelter pets who have now found loving homes.

This should be the #1 Superbowl commercial of 2015! It is extremely adorable and has a powerful message. The mission is simple: to help homeless pets and to open our eyes to the huge overpopulation problem we have in our country. This message can’t be shared enough, heard enough, or seen enough. The problem is real and can no longer be ignored. The Lucy Pet Foundation (fully non-profit) is here to make a difference by providing free and low cost mobile spay and neutering. You can help make a difference by donating to the cause today at Rest assured that 100% of all donations got towards their mission and cause.

New Branson Family Show features Amazing Stunt Dogs!

May 30, 2014

Are you looking for a show that is fun for the whole family in Branson Missouri this summer? Then look no further, as “Chris Perondi’s Stunt Dog Experience” is sure to entertain people of all ages. This new top show in Branson is super-sized compared to the 30-minute dog show they brought to Silver Dollar City last summer. During this 90 minute amazing pet show in Branson you will witness some of the most incredible stunts and tricks every performed by dogs! They soar, spin, jump, and fly in “five” separate challenges that make up the “Golden Bone Showdown”. The audience is split into two teams “Dixie Stampede style” as everyone cheers on their pack of stunt dogs. The challenges are scattered throughout the show in-between hilarious slap-stick comedy skits (starring Jim Herrington), choreographed doggy dancing, dogs jumping rope, and freestyle flying disc routines.


You won’t want to miss the “Fido’s Got Talent” semi-finals in Act 2 presented by host Chris Perondi. This skit features a memorable panel of judges (Monique La’Shay, Johnny Durango, and Debra Migenni) each with their own flair and hilarious comments. Not to mention the incredible performances by professional dog trainers Samantha Valle, Sara Carson, and the funny-man trainer Rick Kreston; played by comedian Joseph Herrington.

Diggy the Dog is also back in a couple fun show segments! Be sure to get in line during intermission to get your professional photo taken with him and one of the real four-legged stars. The show even feature two segments of kid participation, which is fun for the whole family. The kids will love to being turned into stunt dogs or compete in a round of doggy trivia.  But the most important aspect of the show is the mission; which is to promote pet adoption, spay/neutering, and responsible pet ownership.

These celebrity dogs have even been featured on numerous talk shows including the Tonight Show, Ellen DeGeneres, Queen Latifah, David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey, CBS Early Show, Sabado Gigante, and the Today Show. Star trainer Samantha Valle also just broke a Guinness Book of World Records on the Today Show earlier this year, as her dog Geronimo double dutch jump roped 128 times in 60 seconds. These are also the same performing dogs you may have seen on a moving float (for the Lucy Pet Foundation) during the 2014 Annual Rose Parade, which was seen by millions worldwide.

This is a must see Branson show for kids and quite possibly the best new show in Branson this year sponsored by Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods! Tickets are on sale now at or you can reserve your seats by calling the Clay Cooper Theatre box office at 417-332-2529. Don’t forget to ask about our family pass (2 adults & up to 3 children ages 4 to 16). Children 3 and under are free!