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Dogs: The Animal that has been coined in history as our best friend

June 17, 2015

Chris Perondi’s “Stunt Dog Adventure”TM is the most educational and entertaining show of it’s kind! Featuring talented rescued dogs that show off their prey drive, intelligence, and athleticism. Every show includes a message of pet adoption and responsible pet ownership, while using positive training methods.

Every show script is professionally written and includes educational talking points about the similarities of domestic dogs and their wild cousins: foxes, jackals, wolves, and coyotes. The “Stunt Dog Adventure”TM show is also very entertaining with segments like the “Prey Drive Challenge”, high-jumping, flying disc, and audience participation. You won’t want to miss these domesticated canine stars in the world’s most exciting Zoo and wildlife park program.

The footage from this video was taken during our March through October Indianapolis Zoo production of 2015. It showcases the talents of the animal that has been coined in history as our best friend! Starring professional dog trainers Chris Perondi, Suhey Perondi, and Abby Cline.

Professionally filmed and edited by XYVector Media Services

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