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Kong Dog Toy vs Extreme Canine

March 4, 2009
Action Jackson with a Puppy Kong

Action Jackson with a Puppy Kong


My stunt dogs love to play with dog toys! One of their favorite toys is the “Kong” by the Kong Company (  However, keep in mind that no matter how tough a toy appears to be; it still can be destroyed. Flashy Ferrari my newest “Extreme Canines Show” star proved this fact!

Here is the story….. It was a rainy day on the Northern California coast in mid-December. Ferrari was presented with a new challenge, the EXTREME KONG. She wasted no time snagging it out of mid-air, then hording it from the rest of the pack. After destroying all of her other toys, I thought this would be literally indestructible.  I mean it was titled “EXTREME” and sounded perfectly suited for her.  The Kong gave her a good run for her money for an hour or more.  I inspected the Kong and it appeared to be holding up quite well. So I figured it would be safe to leave her with it while I ran some errands around town. Big mistake!

To my horror, when I returned after only a few hours, the Kong  had been defeated. Ferrari had somehow managed the near impossible. I was astonished!  The EXTREME KONG had met its match and lost horribly. She literally ate half of it with no stuffing ever put inside. I could hear her quoting the big fat guy from Austin Powers; “It’s in my belly”! She seemed so proud of herself. I told her next time I should just throw her a twenty dollar bill and save myself the misery. At least that is just paper and will pass easily.

The EXTREME KONG is still one of the toughest toys out there. Most dogs won’t be able to chew this up at all or so quickly. If your dog is a serious power chewer, my advice is to never leave your dog unattended with any toy. For if there is a will, there is a way. Ferrari is up for her next challenge. Who dares bring forth a toy worthy enough to challenge her?

Extreme Kong vs Ferrari

Extreme Kong vs Ferrari

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  1. March 5, 2009 10:32 pm

    ummm i dont know what to say. my dogs havent gotten through em yet. my friends pit came over and took hold of the black kong. my friend terri is like NOOO DONT LET HIM HAVE THAT. im like, DUDE, CHILL, ITS A KONG HE’LL BE FINE. umm yea. 2 minutes later he tore the top off it. took a bite out of it like it was a damn apple. but her pit is ridiculously strong lol. my poor kong 😛

  2. March 6, 2009 4:08 pm

    Was that an Extreme Kong or a standard red one?

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