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World’s Greatest Dogs on NatGeo Wild

May 17, 2015

Stunt Dog Productions is honored to have their stunt dogs featured on NatGeo Wild’s “World’s Greatest Dogs” this weekend! (Check your local listing for exact air times). So it’s now official, our dogs are considered some of the world’s greatest dogs!

Stunt Dog Crazy Confetti was chosen for her unique talents and touching back story. She has been a feature star in the Perondi’s show since 2010. Confetti is known best for her 360 degree “paw-stand” in the palm of trainer Chris Perondi’s hand. However, she can dazzle the crowd with impressive back-flips, jumping rope, hoops through the arms, flying disc catching stunts, skateboarding, triathlon racing, balancing feats and backing up on cue.

As featured during Barkfest on NatGeo Wild

Flashy Ferrari, Blazing Bentley, Crazy Confetti, & Captain Cooper

The filming took place during the winter months when the Perondi’s were not on tour. So for this feature they invited all their friends and family over for a private show to try out some of Confetti’s new stunts and tricks. Many family members showed up including Chris’s parents and cousins, Suhey’s sister, along with their pastor, neighbors, and close friends. It was a memorable day for everyone. The Perondi’s had the pleasure of working with Indigo Films on this feature project. The interviews were conducted inside the Perondi’s house, outside on the property, and even inside their 43 ft. touring RV/bus.

During the same week, the USA TODAY has also dedicated a special edition issue that all about dogs. The Perondi’s are proud to have a feature spread in this issue with multiple images of Crazy Confetti in action. Pick your copy up at your local newsstand from now until May 26th or purchase your copy online here: USA TODAY’S SPECIAL “DOGS” EDITION.

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