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What is a “Stunt Dog”?

July 6, 2018

What is a “Stunt Dog”?  Defined by Chris Perondi, The Stunt Dog Guy.

I am often asked what the difference is between a dog trick and a dog stunt? And what makes a dog who performs stunts into a stunt dog? Here are my thoughts. Let me know yours!

What is a Stunt Dog?

1. a dog who performs unique, difficult, or spectacular feats requiring great skill, unusual strength, acrobatics, or dexterity; especially during a live performance, or for a TV show or movie, or to gain attention or publicity.

2. a dog who performs a “daring behavior” that requires extensive training and conditioning, and which is typically performed with intention to wow an audience.

3. a dog who is trained to execute complex skills and multiple chained behaviors reliably and on cue for a live audience or recorded show.

4. A dog who performs any of the above from a distance, or with an actor who is not the trainer or handler, and typically during a live performance or recorded show.

I am also often asked to DEFINE a stunt dog live PERFORMANCE. Here are my thoughts. Please share yours!

“A stunt dog live performance” is a professional, non-demonstrational act for entertainment purposes with a unique, high-energy and entertaining format, having a written script, and including a professional presenter or emcee.

In our shows, the “Stunt Dog Experience” and the “All-Star Stunt Dog Show” ( the “Stunt Dogs” perform acrobatic moves, dog sports, and advanced behaviors that include backflips, jumping rope, walking hand stands, behaviors from a distance, the use of props such as a tight rope, barrel, balance ball, riding a bicyle, or skateboard. Our live performances also include daring feats such as vaults (whereby a dog may jump off a trainer’s back to catch a flying disc), circus acrobatics, and highly-trained balancing skills.

REMEMBER: Dog stunts always require extensive dog training and conditioning. Always train safely and never force or lure your dog to do anything that he or she doesn’t want to do.

OUR NEW BOOK on Dog Tricks and Stunts will be published early next year by Workman Publishing with my best-selling and award-winning coauthor Larry Kay of . Stay tuned for details on pre-ordering!

Photos courtesy Matt O’ Harver taken at Silver Dollar City Theme Park

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