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A perfect day. (Stunt Dog Funnies)

July 30, 2012

These photos were taken during my winter tour in Colorado. Flashy Ferrari and Captain Cooper were resting after catching some flying discs at the park. Cooper kept trying to give Ferrari kisses, but she just wasn’t in the mood. I couldn’t resist sharing this little cartoon I created of the images. Enjoy!

Nationwide “Stunt Dog Act” performs in Florida

April 10, 2012
Chris and Suhey

Chris Perondi and Suhey Velez with Cosmo Cooper and Crazy Confetti

For the past two years, Chris Perondi the “Stunt Dog Guy” has brought his nationwide touring “Extreme Canines Stunt Dog Show” to the sunny state of Florida. Perondi was honored to perform for both the South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach and the Southwest Florida/Lee County Fair in Ft. Myers during the 2011 and 2012 fair season.

Many dogs in these communities were given a second chance on life due to the continued efforts of Perondi and his talented team of stunt dogs. Promoting pet adoption, spay/neutering, and responsible pet ownership is the ultimate goal. According to the “Stunt Dog Guy” this is done best by showing the audience what shelter dogs can do. “Any dog can be trained. It doesn’t matter the age, breed or size” says Perondi.

This professional act featured a cast of Perondi’s personal pets along with assistant handlers Suhey Velez and Steve Collier. He claims his dogs “Soar, Spin, Jump and Fly” TM. A tagline he has been using ever since he started his show. And yes they did: they soared to catch Aerobie Superdiscs (eg. flying discs), they spun on the ground, the back, and in the air, they broke high-jump records, and they flew in the sky with grace.

Super Sonic

Super Sonic catches an Aerobie Superdisc

Perondi has produced over 6000 live shows since he sold his house and bought an RV to travel the country in 1999. The goal this year is to “Aim high and dream big” says Perondi. “To many people give up on their dreams too easily these days. We need to set our standards high and believe in ourselves.”

Stunt Dog Productions is a proud member and sponsor of the Florida Federation of Fairs. The Extreme Canines Stunt Dog Show is sponsored by Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods.

A Theatrical Stunt Dog Experience!

June 21, 2011

Chris the “Stunt Dog Guy” Perondi sets a new standard in canine entertainment again this summer! Presenting the ALL NEW Stunt Dog Experience episode, the “Golden Bone Showdown”. Catch the action from June 11th through August 7th in the Red/Gold Heritage Hall theater at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. Show times are 11:30am, 2:30pm, and 4:30pm everyday (except Tuesdays).

Perondi’s new episode mesmerizes in a high energy cirque style that features stunt dogs soaring through fog while catching lighted AerobieTM superdiscs! This is all performed under the glow of black lights in reflective and light up dog costumes. It’s uniquely entertaining and the first of its kind! You will be blown away by the one of a kind choreographed flying disc and trick routines performed by the best stunt dog trainers in the world. The show shines during each challenge of the “Golden Bone Showdown” as both teams duke it out in high-jumping, tricks, and Triathlon racing. Each side of the audience cheers on their team of dogs as they compete for the bone every dog dreams of and drools over; the sought after “Golden Bone”. After the bone is awarded to the winning team you won’t want to miss the double dog finale stunt of the day. It’s dog gone fun for the entire family!

The show stars professional stunt dog trainers Chris Perondi and Samantha Valle. Perondi leads the show as the host and performs with his team of stunt dogs. Valle pulls off even more unique and extreme tricks this year. You won’t want to miss her new high energy trick and freestyle disc routine with her star dog, Super Freak. Valle also leads the red team through a serious of challenges that test her dogs jumping ability, intelligence, speed and accuracy. Co-starring in this year’s production is Steve Collier from Tulsa, OK. Collier handles all the blue team stunt dogs during the showdown, including the talented Spitfire Spinelli and the new skateboarding dog Crazy Confetti (AKA “Fetti Hawk”).

Diggy is back at it again this year, played by the talented mascot performer Vicky Rische from Branson, MO. Assisting in this years production during pre-show and back stage transitions is Suhey Velez from Ponce, Puerto Rico. In the show you will meet a troupe of over a dozen stunt dogs including: Flashy Ferrari, Blazing Bentley, Action Jackson, Super Freak, Rocket Ruiz, High-Flying Harley, Geronimo, Spitfire Spinelli, Rox Steady, Crazy Confetti, Super Sonic, Dynamite, and the Hype.

What is your dog breed bias?

August 18, 2010

Red River Exibition Stunt Dog Show

July 6, 2010

What was all the buzz about this year with the Red Tour of Stunt Dog Productions? Out of the gate we were performing our first show out of the country in Winnipeg, Canada at the Red River Exhibition! Also, new to the show was the addition of little Zooming Zip, (a 15 lb. Rat Terrier/Corgi mix) who was rescued last year after our performances at the LA County Fair. New and exciting highlights during the show were Daredevil Dash taking on the responsibility of being the “Evil Knievil” Stunt dog of the show and also his jump roping debut, which brought the house down! Zooming Zip stepped up to take on Nitro Neo in the battle for setting record triathlon racing speeds. Flying Flash was our show opener with big air back vaults and head over heels back flips, which the crowds went wild for!

The other buzz you might have heard us talk about were fighting off giant mosquitos around the clock and braving the rain and gusty wind conditions throughout the exhibition. Harsh weather conditions accompanied us almost everyday of the exhibition, but despite the weather the dogs and trainers had a blast and the crowds were fantastic!   ~ Lead Performer Trish Perondi

Daredevil Dash runs record breaking speeds in the Stunt Dog Triathlon!

Silver Dollar City Review (Stunt Dog Experience)

June 26, 2010

A letter was sent to Silver Dollar City by a family last week, in regards to their experience seeing our show at the park. In all the years I’ve been performing this is by far the most wonderful feedback I have ever heard. Thank you Kelly Olsen from Berryville, Arkansas for taking the time to share how our show touched your lives. It means a lot knowing that our message is being so well received. We love to entertain; but we also strive to educate, promote and make a difference in the communities in which we perform.

Site Origin: Silver Dollar City Theme Park

Date: June 2010

Name: Kelly Olsen

From: Berryville, Arkansas


To Whom It May Concern,

I and my children, ages 5 and 8, recently saw the Stunt Dog Show at Silver Dollar City (SDC). I have to tell you how awesome it was and how much we appreciate you featuring this extraordinary entertainer! The show was super fun and contained meaningful and important messages about pet overpopulation, adoption, and the amazing potential talent of “unwanted” shelter animals too! It was also an experience those of us in the audience could “take home” if we have pets: we bought the DVD on training dogs, and the children are now spending time training our dogs, which is enriching everyone’s life this summer. I think this combination is magical for a SDC show: (1) fun, (2) meaningful, and (3) somthing that changes our perspective, adds something to our lives, or gives us something new to do when we go home. I was so elated after the show that I upgraded our day passes to season passes, and I have told everyone I know via email and Facebook to go see the show! I know at least two families have done so, based on my suggestion. Thank you for bringing this show to SDC!  – Kelly Olsen (Berryville, Arkansas)

Stunt Dog Experience Commercial (Branson, MO)

June 21, 2010

Directed, filmed, and edited by Chris Perondi

Released June 21, 2010

Copyright 2010

The “Stunt Dog” Nationwide tour begins!

June 2, 2010

Stunt Dog Productions is proud to announce that their nationwide tour has begun. This year is packed with over 600 live performance that take place all across the United States and Canada. (see the full tour schedule here)

The “Medora Musical” in North Dakota is underway. Stunt Dog Productions has teamed up with pro-trainer Gail Mirabella to produce a 20-minute act during the second part of the musical. She and her wonderful team of dogs will be appearing in the Medora Musical each night from June 1st through June 27th. This western/country themed show is fun for the entire family!

The ALL NEW “Stunt Dog Experience” show is scheduled to kick off on June 5th at the Silver Dollar City Theme Park in Branson, MO. Chris Perondi will be personally leading this production all summer with his star cast; Samantha Valle, Usman Riaz, and Michelle Hudson. The Gold team lead by Chris Perondi arrived in Branson Monday night. They met with the park entertainment division yesterday to discuss details of the production along with unloading all their props and equipment. Diggy took his first steps in the park and was googly eyed at how big the stage was going to be!  The shows will take place in the air conditioned Red and Gold theater on a whopping stage size of 56′ by 36′. Gold team will be running shows here all summer until August 8th. The show times are scheduled for 11:30 am, 2:30 pm, and 4:30 pm.

The new website has launched!

May 7, 2010

The past couple months have been filled with numerous preparations for the upcoming season tour. One of the big projects on the list was to update the website. It was long overdue as the last major website update was in 2006! The first Extreme Canines Stunt Dog Show website was launched in 1999 and since that time it has went through five major revisions. I feel this last major update truly captures the essence of what our show and dogs are all about. The goal of the new website was to seamlessly incorporate professional video and images without the site appearing cluttered. Ease of navigation was a priority along with the new site becoming the “one stop shop” portal to each and every one of our social networking sites. For example, we now have a twitter widget added to the main page which is also directly linked to our Facebook Fan page.

Along with the website much effort and energy is being put into all the new theater production elements for this summer.  The ALL NEW “Stunt Dog Experience” TM will kick off on June 5th in the Red & Gold theater in Branson, MO and will run all summer (until August 8th) at the Silver Dollar City Theme Park. This new stage show will include many new elements with “Diggy”TM the official show mascot being the major highlight. Check back for full details on this exciting new production in the next few weeks!

In the meantime, please visit the ALL NEW website here. We would love to receive your feedback either here or on our facebook fan page.

I had dog gone fun at the fair! (poster)

April 13, 2010

Designed and produced by Chris Perondi

I designed this poster during the middle of my summer tour last year. If you want one you’ll have to come to one of the fair shows this summer. They will be among one of our many souvenir items!  The full 2010 show schedule is coming soon!

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Perondi comes back flashier than ever!

March 30, 2010

Photography by Patrick Fithian Copyright 2010

After taking an eight year break from competition, Perondi comes back flashier than ever! Flashy Ferrari is her name and flying disc is her game. Chris and his new star Ferrari (3 years old) placed 1st in the west coast Ashley Whippet Invitational world championship qualifier series on March 20th! Perondi showed the world he wasn’t just a “one hit wonder”.  😛

Perondi had not competed since the 2002 Crusty Classic which honors friend Steve Walsh. Prior to that year he placed 2nd runner up with his first superstar “Extreme Pepper” in the 2001 Incredible Dog Challenge Nationals at Purina Farms in St. Louis, MO and the same year they also took Overall Champion (1st place) in the first ever Crusty Classic. Perondi’s big year of competition was in 2000 whereby he and Pepper won the Nationals at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge.

Perondi exclaimed, “Going to compete after being away so long was such a fun experience for me. I was able to mingle with old friends and meet lots of new ones. Sometimes you just need to get back to your roots and remember where the initial passion all began. This dog sport is what ignited my dog training career back in 1998 and I’ll never forget all those who encouraged me from the very beginning.”  By winning this qualifier Perondi and Ferrari are invited to the World Finals to be held in Naperville, IL on September 5th, 2010. But the question remains… will they be able to get away from their busy nationwide tour schedule to make it. Only time will tell!

Perondi, stunt dogs promote adoption

March 30, 2010

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Join our FAN SITE on Facebook!

March 10, 2010

I’d like to thank all of you for your interest in our show, adventures, training tips, and support.

In order to better connect everyone in our day to day activities, I thought it would be great to setup a FAN SITE!

So trot your paws on over and join our new Facebook FAN SITE at :

Usman Riaz, Chris the "Stunt Dog Guy" Perondi, Samantha Valle with Dynamite, Jackson, and Ruiz.

Meet the Stunt Dog Guy and his stars!

March 8, 2010

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