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Animal Planet’s Superfetch with Zak George

October 3, 2009
In the beginning...

In the beginning...

Former team member Zak George is hosting a new TV show on Animal Planet called “Superfetch” which premiers tonight!  Tune into Animal Planet every Saturday night at 8pm. (For a complete schedule visit )

Zak George started performing with my “Extreme Canines Stunt Dog Show” back in 2006.  He was one of my top performers for three years  (2006 through 2008). Zak and I met for the first time in Atlanta, GA while I was out to visit with the Stone Mountain theme park to discuss performances for the 2006 season. In 2006, I ended up booking three separate theme parks. It was an overnight expansion! Finding talented trainers and performers became top priority. I originally heard about Zak George online through competitive dog sport channels.

Zak George and Chris Perondi at ValleyFair 2006

Zak George and Chris Perondi at ValleyFair 2006

Zak and I immediately hit it off in Atlanta! At the time he was working at Petsmart as a top dog trainer. I was thoroughly impressed with his dog training skills and the talent of his dogs. I decided I wanted to work with Zak personally and train him to be a lead performer. So I brought Zak in to assist with my ValleyFair theme park production in Shakopee, MN during the 2006 summer season. We were on the road together from June through November that first year.

Zak even lead the production at the Valleyfair theme park for almost two weeks during the middle of the summer. I needed to leave to produce shows for a fair in Indiana, in which I made a prior commitment before booking the theme parks. Zak did an awesome job! When I returned he couldn’t stop raving about the standing ovation he received on the parks busiest Saturday of the year.  Zak grew a ton in those three years and always showed much of ambition. His video blogging obsession started during our 2006 fall fair tour.

Zak George, Supernova, Venus, and Alpha

Zak George, Supernova, Venus, and Alpha

I am very proud of Zak George and I want to invite everyone to check out his new show. You will see Zak helping dogs and pets learning all sorts of useful and exciting behaviors like teaching a dog to bowl a strike, pour a round of beer, put the toilet seat down, turn off the alarm clock, and even pedal a tandem bike.

Speaking of a dog pedaling a tandem bike: That is team member Samantha Valle and her dog Rocket Ruiz!  Sam has been apart of my team since 2005 and is excitingly being featured with her star dog Rocket Ruiz on Zak’s new show, Superfetch! Yep, that’s right folks. So go and get your paws moving everyone and tell all your friends, family, and pets about the new Superfetch show premiering tonight at 8:00pm. You can check out the official Zak George YouTube channel and blog at:

Way to go Zak! If the show turns out anything like the early pilot I saw; it is going to be a HUGE HIT!

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  1. November 8, 2009 10:01 pm

    great show i have been training dogs to run in hunt tests for 9 years
    and you show tells people that dogs are not dumb animal like some think
    two tumbs up to you

  2. December 27, 2010 11:29 pm

    i’m trying to teach my puppy how to catch a frisbee.He’s so cute i would like to place him in a cutest dog Contest,and see if he wins the Grand Prize!I’M 8years old.

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