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Nationwide “Stunt Dog Act” performs in Florida

April 10, 2012
Chris and Suhey

Chris Perondi and Suhey Velez with Cosmo Cooper and Crazy Confetti

For the past two years, Chris Perondi the “Stunt Dog Guy” has brought his nationwide touring “Extreme Canines Stunt Dog Show” to the sunny state of Florida. Perondi was honored to perform for both the South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach and the Southwest Florida/Lee County Fair in Ft. Myers during the 2011 and 2012 fair season.

Many dogs in these communities were given a second chance on life due to the continued efforts of Perondi and his talented team of stunt dogs. Promoting pet adoption, spay/neutering, and responsible pet ownership is the ultimate goal. According to the “Stunt Dog Guy” this is done best by showing the audience what shelter dogs can do. “Any dog can be trained. It doesn’t matter the age, breed or size” says Perondi.

This professional act featured a cast of Perondi’s personal pets along with assistant handlers Suhey Velez and Steve Collier. He claims his dogs “Soar, Spin, Jump and Fly” TM. A tagline he has been using ever since he started his show. And yes they did: they soared to catch Aerobie Superdiscs (eg. flying discs), they spun on the ground, the back, and in the air, they broke high-jump records, and they flew in the sky with grace.

Super Sonic

Super Sonic catches an Aerobie Superdisc

Perondi has produced over 6000 live shows since he sold his house and bought an RV to travel the country in 1999. The goal this year is to “Aim high and dream big” says Perondi. “To many people give up on their dreams too easily these days. We need to set our standards high and believe in ourselves.”

Stunt Dog Productions is a proud member and sponsor of the Florida Federation of Fairs. The Extreme Canines Stunt Dog Show is sponsored by Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods.

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