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A Theatrical Stunt Dog Experience!

June 21, 2011

Chris the “Stunt Dog Guy” Perondi sets a new standard in canine entertainment again this summer! Presenting the ALL NEW Stunt Dog Experience episode, the “Golden Bone Showdown”. Catch the action from June 11th through August 7th in the Red/Gold Heritage Hall theater at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. Show times are 11:30am, 2:30pm, and 4:30pm everyday (except Tuesdays).

Perondi’s new episode mesmerizes in a high energy cirque style that features stunt dogs soaring through fog while catching lighted AerobieTM superdiscs! This is all performed under the glow of black lights in reflective and light up dog costumes. It’s uniquely entertaining and the first of its kind! You will be blown away by the one of a kind choreographed flying disc and trick routines performed by the best stunt dog trainers in the world. The show shines during each challenge of the “Golden Bone Showdown” as both teams duke it out in high-jumping, tricks, and Triathlon racing. Each side of the audience cheers on their team of dogs as they compete for the bone every dog dreams of and drools over; the sought after “Golden Bone”. After the bone is awarded to the winning team you won’t want to miss the double dog finale stunt of the day. It’s dog gone fun for the entire family!

The show stars professional stunt dog trainers Chris Perondi and Samantha Valle. Perondi leads the show as the host and performs with his team of stunt dogs. Valle pulls off even more unique and extreme tricks this year. You won’t want to miss her new high energy trick and freestyle disc routine with her star dog, Super Freak. Valle also leads the red team through a serious of challenges that test her dogs jumping ability, intelligence, speed and accuracy. Co-starring in this year’s production is Steve Collier from Tulsa, OK. Collier handles all the blue team stunt dogs during the showdown, including the talented Spitfire Spinelli and the new skateboarding dog Crazy Confetti (AKA “Fetti Hawk”).

Diggy is back at it again this year, played by the talented mascot performer Vicky Rische from Branson, MO. Assisting in this years production during pre-show and back stage transitions is Suhey Velez from Ponce, Puerto Rico. In the show you will meet a troupe of over a dozen stunt dogs including: Flashy Ferrari, Blazing Bentley, Action Jackson, Super Freak, Rocket Ruiz, High-Flying Harley, Geronimo, Spitfire Spinelli, Rox Steady, Crazy Confetti, Super Sonic, Dynamite, and the Hype.

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