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A place to call home again

May 4, 2009

043009_bright_img_9790I have been contemplating moving out of California for a few years now.  My #1 choice outside of California was Austin, TX.  However, I recently made the decision to stay in the sunny state of California.  I quit my IT job to perform with my dogs full time back in 2000 and since that time I’ve traveled to 47 of the states here in the U.S.  There are so many beautiful places in the country I’d love to live. But after much thought I decided it would be best to stay in California close to my family and friends.

I’ve been living on the road in my 39 foot fifth wheel RV full time for over two years. It was time to finally dock and find land. My new place has two acres and is going to be a perfect training facility for my dogs. They are already loving the new property! The first room I setup in the house was theirs. Yes that is right, the dogs have their own bedroom furnished with doggy beds and toys galore.  Of course, you’ll also find toys and bones scattered throughout the house along with an oversize bean bag set in the middle of the living room in which they call their own.

050409_img_9764My life has been quite hectic this past month which is why I haven’t been able to keep up on the blog. Things should start settling down soon and rest assured I’ll be back posting daily blogs again. I plan to post about adventures on the road, on tour over the summer, training my new dogs, along with offering training tips and sharing my artistic talents of photography, quotes, and more.

Here is a quick recap since my last post on the first of April:

April 3 – Met with a notary just outside Boston, MA and signed the closing documents on my new French Camp/Stockton California property. Yes, finally a home owner again!

April 5 – My last scheduled theater show was a huge success in Keene, NH. I brought in a professional photographer who captured some wonderful photos of us and the dogs. I’ll have some images online soon! We packed up after the show and then me, Sam, and Usman said our “goodbyes for now”.  I then proceeded to get on the road and head west. I got around 100 miles under my belt that night. I wanted to go further, but I was exhausted.

April 6 – I woke up early after staying in a Cracker Barrel parking lot for the night. I drove about 550 miles today…..

April 7 thru 10 – I got serious about getting back to my new home in California. So I got on I-80 and put the petal to the metal. I didn’t have time for much for the next four days as I basically just drove, ate, and slept. On the 8th, I drove over 800 miles breaking my solo record. I was on the road from 8 am till 2 am the next day. Somebody called me a Rockstar! 😉

April 10 – I arrived to my new California property late Friday afternoon. After a long 3,250 mile trek from New Hampshire, I was exhausted.  I felt like I was making my way west like in the gold rush era, without the horses…. and gold of course. lol!

April 11 – 18 – I spent my first week at home running errands, shopping for furniture, and working around the new property. The place was kind of a mess since it was a bank owned foreclosure. It had been empty for quite awhile; probably a year or so.  There were weeds, broken sprinklers, fence to fix and build, a few broken pipes, carpet that needed replacing, and many issues  to tend too. I lived in my RV on the property this first week and didn’t officially move into my new house until Saturday April 18th.

April 19th – I woke up in my own bed in my new house.  That was the stuff! 😉

April 20th to now . . . . The two acre property has two homes on it. It has been planned to have my parents move into the second home. They have lived in the same home for almost 40 years and have been excited to get out of the old neighborhood. I’ve been busy getting them moved on the property along with helping relocate my elderly and sick grandfather. My mom and dad now have the room to be able to offer my grandpa 24 hour care. So we are finally all on the same property and since I have such a close relationship with my parents it’s working out perfectly!  My parents will also now be able to watch my dogs easily every now and then. They will also be able to keep an eye on my property when I’m out of town doing shows. And I’ll be able to help them anytime they need and be there for them as they grow older. The storm I was in has finally passed!

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  1. May 4, 2009 7:05 pm

    hey chris!
    about time you got a new one up! glad you made it back ok! I was thinking of getting that flash drive thing and sending you the shows we have filmed. then you can send it back to us with the pics from the NH photographer 🙂 any good shots??

    the new house sounds amazing and im soooo jealous. one day ill have my own house, but for now, its livin’ with daddy rent free thats saving my butt so i can save money on my own 🙂

    glad your doing well!


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