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Daredevil Dogs perform in Florida

March 22, 2009

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The “Extreme Canines Stunt Dog Show” appeared at the Mattie Kelly Performing Arts Center yesterday with unbelievable success! Our stunt dogs were labled Daredevil Dogs in the daily news. This was one of our best performances of the year.  Every cue was was absolutely perfect and the dogs performed flawlessly. Samantha Valle set the tone of the show with an extremely strong opening performance. She opened the show with two of her best Frisbee catching dogs. Sam combined the best tricks in the world with aerodynamic stunts that literally blew the Florida audience away. Our high-jump dogs got big air again with unprecedented jumps heights that impressed us all. The Amazing Tess our veteran jumper represented the yellow team against the red teams high jump star Flashy Ferrari. My newest high jumper Ferrari took the win breaking her high jump record for the pumped up crowd.

Sam and I had another Aerobie disc catching showdown. This time it was Rocket Ruiz vs. Flashy Ferrari. Both dogs showcased their speed and athletic ability catching flying discs on the stage. Each of us tossed ten discs out to our dogs, hoping to take home the best disc catching title. Sam and Ruiz started the challenge making 8 out of 10 catches, as the ladies in the audience cheered her on. After making sure Sam handed me all 10 of my discs, I  jumped out into the crowd and tossed out my 10 Superdiscs. Flashy Ferrari was on fire! She unbelievably caught every single one, while showcasing the biggest air possible.

Sam’s newest puppy, “Spitfire Spinelli” made her first show appearance in yesterdays production. Spinelli is now a superstar! She pulled off some of the cutest tricks such as: limping on cue, circling backwards around the legs, and the miniture foot stall.

The racing dogs were Dynamite, Super Freak, and Super Sonic. All three didn’t miss a beat while setting new course records in the triathlon. They also tore it up in our 32 weave pole challenge. Our “daredevil dogs” put on an incredible show! We are going to relax and rest up today; then make our way up north tomorrow. Our next production is scheduled in Brentwood, NY on March 28th. Long Island here we come!

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