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Stunt dogs have arrived in Niceville, FL

March 20, 2009

032009_img_2177The dogs jumped out of the truck into a blast of Florida sunshine! Last night we finished our 900 mile trek from Tiffin, OH to Niceville, Florida. Our next performance will take place here on Saturday at the Mattie Kelly Performing Arts Center at the Northwest Florida State College.  We were exhausted last night from the long two and a half day drive. I checked Sam, Usman, and Julia into the nearby hotel last night. My RV is setup in a perfect location right behind the theater. There is plenty of grass for the dogs to run around and enjoy the sun. We were able to preview the theater last night upon arrival and it’s extremely impressive. It will be the largest theater we’ve performed in so far. We won’t have enough flooring to cover the entire stage and that is quite rare.

Today will be spent laying down the flooring, setting up the props, and going through a few rehearsals. I’m also told they are going to be holding a press conference during our rehearsal, in order to generate more interest to our cause. This should increase ticket sales as well!

Our show is scheduled tomorrow at 2:00pm. I’m told 600 seats have been sold so far! This is a really popular theater; the All American Rejects played here just two nights ago. The stunt dogs are ready to catch flying discs, break high-jump records, race nose-to-nose, and perform the most incredible tricks and stunts on the planet!


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  1. Samantha Pollard permalink
    March 21, 2009 8:12 pm

    I traveled from Hartford AL to Niceveill Fl (2yr drive) to see the show today. Just wanted to say “completly worth it!” I enjoyed the show tremendously! I think that you all are doing a great job promoting rescueing from shelters and such. All the dogs seemed very well trained and happy to be perfroming for the crowd! Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing another show one day!
    Sincerely, Samantha Pollard =)

  2. March 26, 2009 10:43 am

    Thank you again for coming to my show! I’m so glad you enjoyed it and had such a wonderful time. I really appreciate your feedback! Keep in touch and I hope to be back to Niceville one day!

    All the best,

    Chris Perondi the Stunt Dog Guy

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