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In the newspaper on my birthday

March 14, 2009

It’s not everyday you walk into a restaurant restroom and see yourself on a newspaper posted above the urinal; let alone this happening on your birthday. On Thursday March 12th, I was waiting for my hamburger to arrive when I needed to make a quick stop in the bathroom. As I walked in, I couldn’t believe my eyes after seeing the newspaper posted on the wall. There was a photo of me, my dad, my dogs, and the rest of my team on the front of the local newspaper. This is what I saw on the wall:


The paper was advertising the story they were doing tomorrow, Thursday March 12th. I was thinking “you’ve got to be kidding me”. I immediately went out to ask the waiter if they had today’s newspaper (March 12th), in which they did! I opened the paper to the entertainment section and there I was along with team member Samantha Valle.  This was very exciting for Sam as it was her first time ever appearing in the newspaper. I was equally excited to be featured in a newspaper on my exact birthday.What are the odds?


Click this image to read the full article.

The rest of my day ended up being quite the challenge, as Sonic decided to chew up the passenger seat of my truck. Next Jackson stubbed is toenail while playing at the park. So it looks like he will have another small part in my show this weekend. No pun intended for my little Jack Russell terror — opps; I mean Terrier. Finally, my truck wouldn’t start and with not having cell phone service I was really being tested. My birthday this year taught me that with everything good in life comes challenges.

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