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Big air at the Austin dog park!

February 19, 2009

Austin Texas has one of the best off the leash dog parks in the United States. Auditorium Shores is absolutely huge! This dog park is on the water with breathtaking views of the city of Austin and its famous bat bridge. On February 4th, I decided to take Soaring Sierra and Flashy Ferrari there for some play time. It was a brisk sunny day and the dogs were having a blast of freedom.  Towards the end of the walk I brought out some Frisbees and let the dogs get some exercise. After about 20 minutes of training a gentleman with two professional cameras walked up to me.  He introduced himself as Jay Janner a professional photographer from the Austin American Statesman. Which is the major newspaper for the Austin area.  I was honored to have him photograph my girl in action. Flashy Ferrari pulled off some big air stunts!  The backdrop was the beautiful Austin skyline. Jay snapped away with his high speed camera and seemed satisfied with the photos he took. Later that night the editor called to ask a few questions. I knew then he got a money shot and Ferrari was going to be a star in the Statesman. The next day Flashy Ferrari was showcasing her big air back vault to the world in Texas!

Austin Statesmen (Feb 5th, 2009) Photo by Jay Janner

American-Statesmen (Feb 5th, 2009) photo by Jay Janner

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